NCC Group Domain Services



Put your website in the safest neighborhood on the Internet. Join .trust.

Generic top-level domain names have evolved from only twenty to hundreds and the future will soon bring thousands more. While opportunities for differentiation will increase, so will consumer uncertainty and the threat of cybercrime. NCC Group has created the .trust Domain Service to provide a safer and more trustworthy Internet for all.

A .trust domain helps protects an organization’s brand, reputation and sensitive customer information with the highest level of security and reliability. For consumers, it provides a clear signal that a site is who it claims to be and is a safe place to do business, interact and share information with. The Internet is going to change forever, with .trust we are making it a change for the better.

In order to maximize the public’s trust , you will be expected to meet the following requirements when registering a domain name in this community:

• Confirm your identity and submit proof of your right to the name.

• Agree to abide by a set of rigorous, community-defined security control policies.

• Maintain compliance with these policies by remediating all security issues that are detected.